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Request the costs of more than one room size so you can choose whether to squeeze everything in or have a larger room so you can move about and access items more easily.

How to calculate the required storage space for domestic storage users
(Individuals who are moving home or require storage for furniture, garage items, and other domestic property)

  • Make a list of items you wish to store for each individual room in your house. This will also help you to plan your storage packing if you are moving home.
  • Make sure that you include all items in the room on your list. Not just the large items such as tables, sofas, warddrobes, beds and chairs but try and work out how many boxes you will need to store containing smaller items.
  • Once you have made an inventory of each room in your house and of all the items you need storage space for in those rooms you can use an online storage space calculator. Most of Self Storage Companies have one on their websites.
  • Based on the units size you input or choose, you will be given an approximate total cost per week for your storage unit.

Source: Capital Self Storage

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